Grandland x Hybrid 4 — Vauxhall

Working with McCann we directed a TV commercial for the Grandland, Vauxhall’s first hybrid car. With a script that highlighted the car’s features, we were asked to visualise the titles in a unique and dynamic way.

Our Idea

To bring the different features to life, we physically constructed the 6 titles around the Grandland. As we moved the camera through the studio, it revealed each feature one by one, with illustrations perfectly lining up with the car’s outline.

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The Process

We started by pre-vising in Cinema 4D. Once we’d chosen our key frames, we used this data to meticulously work out the design and size of each illustrated title and exactly where in the studio we needed to place it for it to line up with the car.

On the shoot day we loaded the pre-vis into the Milo motion control rig which we used to replicate the movement with pinpoint precision, combining the car and artwork in camera.

Along with the VFX, we created the sound design, accentuating each of the different features, from ambient soundscapes to the full throttle power of the Grandland X Hybrid.