How to — Jo Malone

Jo Malone London commissioned us to write, direct and produce 5 short films explaining how to use a selection of their hero products.

Our Idea

We combined the 5 scripts into 1 master film, creating a highly crafted art directional world to mirror the premium quality of the products.

Constructing a stylised Jo Malone house in the studio, we were able to shoot the 5 different scenes within one set, bringing the key parts of the story together to live either as 1 seamless script or be split up into chapters for different sections of the website.

  • Jo malone bts 03
  • Jo malone bts 01
  • Jo malone bts 02

The Process

We combined in-camera techniques with stop frame tricks, from the miniature house built around the borescope camera lens, to choreographing the hand model’s actions in time with the sliding movement of the set. Milo motion control was then used to move through the set and create a seamless narrative.

  • Jo Malone bts 01
  • Making of Still V1
  • Jo malone bts 04
  • Jo Malone bts 02

The Book of Naturomes

After the success of the first film we were asked to create a sequel.
Showing the intricate process of scent extraction, in the same art directed world. This time round we were mid Covid lockdown, so the challenge was to write an idea that felt similar but could be shot on a smaller scale.

Our Idea

Having both trained as graphic designers we went back to basics and put our Indesign skills to the test partnering with Illustrator Phil Arthur to design an interactive book visualising the process of creating the scents.

The Process

With a temporary ban on filming in London, we set up a home studio. As the hand model flicks through each of the pages, they come to life with in-camera paper mechanics, along with a sprinkling of VFX created ourselves in After Effects. The book now lives proudly at the Jo Malone London town house.