Love is in the Air — Short

A short film released on Valentine’s day. We developed a unique, in-camera projection technique experimenting with light, live action and animation.

Our Idea

By back projecting into people’s breath on a cold day, we discovered we could create visuals that appear to hover in mid air. Over several very cold evenings, we finessed the technique and created a short animated love story.

  • Love is in the air bts 03

The Process

The first stage was designing the 2D animations, the second was projecting & capturing them in camera. After fine tuning the animation and working out the optimal temperature and projector brightness for the effect to work, we then positioned our couple between the projector and camera so that they could interact with and bring the animations to life.


The Guardian and Vimeo picked up on the film and ran it across their homepage on Valentine’s Day. Shortly afterwards we were commissioned to shoot a music video with this technique which won at the Japan Media Arts Festival.