Test Drive — Caterham

Classic British car brand Caterham needed to remind a new generation of drivers that they still make some of the most exhilarating cars you can drive.

We acted as sole creative agency, working directly with the client to reposition the brand, delivering a manifesto, print campaign and directing a brand launch film.

Our Idea

As the rest of the industry upgrades to the EV revolution, Caterham are still doing things the way they always have - no power steering. no ABS, no autonomous assistance whatsoever.

As all other cars are slowly becoming apps with wheels, our approach for Caterham as a small competitor brand was to harness their lack of technology and stick a middle finger up to the autonomous assistance that the rest of the industry strives for.

This strategy enabled us to create a campaign that celebrated all of the imperfections that give Caterham cars their character and make them pure driving machines. We launched the new positioning with the deliberately blunt endline ‘We don’t do technology’.

Alongside the launch film we wrote a series of print ads bringing the manifesto to life.

  • Feel Every Bump
  • Turn the AC up
  • Driving on Ice Large


As a duo, we were responsible for all aspects of creating this campaign, from idea to execution.

After intensive location scouting, we discovered that the iconic Fountain Studios were due to be turned into flats. They kindly allowed us to unleash the full power of the 2000 production car onto their studio floor before it was to be demolished the following week.

Alongside directing, we took on the edit, VFX, sound design and art department, from designing and fabricating the in-camera typography, to shooting and compositing the exhaust flames using a trusty can of Lynx Africa, a metal tube from B&Q and a lighter.

A fantastic collaboration between a great crew working together with a trusting client.