Tilt Brush — Google

As part of celebrating Ramadan, messages of goodwill are shared between friends and family. Google created an app that allowed people to share customisable calligraphic messages and commissioned us to create an advert to promote it.

Our Idea

The calligraphic messages were created in virtual reality using Google’s VR painting tool ‘Tilt Brush’. Our directing approach was to bring the virtual mark making process to life in film, using match cuts to show the connection between the physical movements of the calligrapher and the digital artwork they were creating for the app.

The Process

We travelled to Istanbul and found the Islamic calligraphy master Efdaluddin Kilic. We cast one of his students for the film, and she used ancient Islamic scripture to create the piece which translates to ‘gratitude’- a message of her eternal gratitude towards her master. We shot the film on location in Istanbul and edited back in London with Jack Singer at Stitch. The original music composition was written and performed by Max Brodie.